On A More Boring Tesla

    While less volatility in the stock market is one way to make a company more boring, I personally think Tesla should become more boring by buying the Boring Company instead! Doing so would allow Tesla to use the Boring Company's proven ability to bore at 1/100th the cost of regular tunnel boring companies - and expand the utility of this technology by applying it to mines!

Brief Analysis:
    The boring company already has innovated by using electricity when boring instead of diesel engines, reducing the need for air filtering systems and greatly increasing the torque of the drill which will soon be thermal-limited rather than being power-limited. It's clear how Tesla, an energy storage and electric car company could help bolster the work the boring company is doing - immediately adding value to the merged company.
    Reflectively, the Boring company can help the Tesla company by helping them connect their factories with underground transit systems, and speeding up how fast autonomous driving can be brought to fruition (as newly bored roadways can be restricted in part of fully to autonomous, electric vehicles - improving speed and avoiding the need for strong air filtration that removes toxic waste).
    Further still, the Boring company has done a great job of converting the dirt it bores through into bricks that can be used to re-enforce the tunnels themselves. This is necessary in mines as well, and avoiding noxious fumes will help improve the life expectancy of any miners that have to interact with mines.
    Of course such an action would require an investor vote since Elon owns 90% of the boring company. We could always wait until the company has shown it can mine cobalt/lithium more efficiently, and then have a public shareholder vote. Think of it as a bonus for the CEO for finding yet another way to build up an amazing moat for Tesla!